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Thorax_TUC: a protective face shield for Health Care Units

Facing the shortage of protective equipment for health care personnel during the current fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, a team of TUC members are collaborating on the design and production of a 3D printed protective face shield, called Thorax_TUC.

The Thorax_TUC face shield was designed as a personal protective and auxiliary equipment for professionals of Health Care Units. It has an ergonomic and simple design, consisting of just 4 components; it is also low-budget and easy to construct using the 3D printing method. The design of the Thorax_TUC face shield is open-source and the CAD files, ready for printing, may be found at a public repository. 

Since April 7, 2020, TUC has produced and donated more than 350 Thorax_TUC face shields to several health care units in Greece:

  • Chania General Hospital
  • Athens Naval Hospital
  • Crete Naval Hospital
  • Venizeleio General Hospital
  • National Center for Emergency Care (Chania Branch)
  • Medical Association of Chania
  • Municipality of Chania
  • Municipality of Rethymnon
  • Crete Prefecture/Regional Unit of Chania
  • IASIS - Gavrilakis SA General Clinic

The production of Thorax_TUC is a joint effort by the following TUC research units:

TUC Eco Racing (TUCer) team

  • Professor Nikolaos Tsourveloudis,Coordinator of the Thorax_TUC Team, Dean of the School of Production Engineering and Management
  • Theodore Stefanoulis
  • Nikolaos Samaras

CAD Laboratory

  • Professor Nikolaos Bilalis, Director of the Laboratory
  • Pavlos Koulouridakis
  • Georgia-Roubini Iordanidou

The Digital Fabrication Laboratory

  • Assistant Professor Alexandros Vazakas, Director of the Laboratory
  • Haralabos Doulaverakis

Τhe Energy Management in the Built Environment Research Lab

  • Constantinos Gobakis
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