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Excellence Award

to professor Markos Papageorgiou

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Best PhD Dissertation Award

to Mehdi Keyvan Ekbatani, a PEM doctorate

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International award

for professor Constantin Zopounidis

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Interdepartmental laboratories

Applied Mathematics and Computer Laboratory

The laboratory serves educational needs and focuses its research activities in the areas of Recursive Methods for Linear Systems Solving, Numerical Methods for Solving Differential Equations, Parallel Processes, Parallel Algorithms, High Performance Scientific Computing, Stochastic Optimization Algorithms - Application in Adaptive Optics, Cellular Automata - Soliton Cellular Automata, Artificial Intelligence, Agent Technology, Agent Oriented Software Engineering, Agent Architectures, Ambient Intelligence, AI Application.

Machine Tools Laboratory

The laboratory serves educational needs and focuses its research activities in the fields of mechanical engineering applications, new technologies development and optimization of product construction processes

  • head: professor Nikolaos Tsourveloudis
  • staff: Nektarios Chairetis
  • email: nchairetis<at>
  • telephone number: +302821037349
  • web page:

Materials Structure and Laser Physics Laboratory

The laboratory serves educational needs and focuses its research activities on the fields of

  • Basic Research: Study of nonlinear optical effects, Study of multiphoton phenomena (i) in atomic physics (ii) photo- electric effect (iii) measurement of electron relaxation time with crystal lattice, Study of the production and the dynamics of clusters composed by a large number of atoms (103 – 106 ), Generation of high harmonics by ultra–short laser pulse interaction, Ultra–short laser pulse propagation under atmospheric pressure conditions and its application in the study and detection of pollutants, akalliataki<στο>tuc.grNuclear physics using ultra–short laser pulses.
  • Applied Research: Application of lasers in medicine and in the environment, Laser spectroscopy for quantitative and qualitative analysis using different types of mass spectrometers, Laser applications in the development of new materials emphasizing on (i) surface deposition of new materials (ii) surface ablation (iii) processing of surfaces, Development of pulsed sources: X rays, electrons, ions, lasers, Development of pulsed sources of coherent Electromagnetic radiation, Development of photochemical pumped Excimer laser systems, Development of detectors and detecting systems within the ISO standarization, Development of laser systems for industrial applications.
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