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Honorary Distinction to Professor – Academician Constantin Zopounidis

The FEBS Scientific Society at its 12th International Conference in Chania, June 1-4, which also had an anniversary character, awarded an honorary distinction to Professor - Academician Constantin Zopounidis for his initiative to establish FEBS 13 years ago. FEBS was launched in 2010 with the aim of establishing itself as a global research company that will promote the exchange of ideas, research results and experiences between academics and practitioners working in all areas of financial engineering and banking. The innovation of FEBS was also determined in the introduction of other quantitative models beyond the classics of econometrics, statistical regression, etc. Techniques from the fields of operational research, multi-criteria decision analysis, intelligent decision systems, etc. are presented at its conferences.

In its 13 years of existence FEBS organized 24 national and international conferences and awards were given to 24 highly prestigious scientists.

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