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'The physics of hand clapping' in Physics World

The scientific journal Physics World (IOP Publishing) hosts in the Acoustics section, an article entitled ‘The physics of hand clapping: here’s how to do it best’. The article refers to the research of researcher Nikolaos Papadakis and Professor Georgios Stavroulakis from the Institute of Computational Engineering and Optimization of the School of Production and Management Engineering of the Technical University of Crete.

Initial research examines different types of handclap, 'handclap configurations' (11 in total) in order to assess which is optimal for use as an alternative source of excitation for acoustic measurements in rooms. Of particular note is the 'domed handclap' category (see figure) in which the creation of an air pocket between the palms at the moment of impact creates a form of Helmholtz resonance which improves the frequency content at low frequencies, which is important for acoustic measurements in spaces.

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