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The School consists of four divisions, each one including

  • Science Division: Supports the scientific training of the students in the fundamental courses for an engineer. It promotes research in the areas of applied sciences, that is, applied mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering and social sciences.
  • Production Systems Division: Its field of study related to the theory of production systems (systems reliability, project management, analysis and optimization of systems production, energy analysis, etc.), as well as to the modern production engineering/technology, flexible manufacturing/production systems, robotics, automatic control, computer aided/assisted design, materials management, environmental technology, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, etc.).
  • Decision Sciences Division: Specializes in the development of operations research methods and techniques for supporting decision making in all areas of engineering and management (automatic control, constructions, transportation, supply chain management, financial engineering, etc.).
  • Management and Administration Division: The courses offered cover a wide range of management/administrative procedures and organizational functions and include, among other : system management, financial analysis, marketing, ergonomics and safety at work, financial management, project management, information systems, e-business, artificial intelligence, quality service, contract management/administration, financial technology/technology of economics, etc.


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