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The curriculum at the School of Production Engineering and Management (PEM) aims at a high-level education which cultivates the necessary abilities and skills for the dynamic design of production systems for services and products. The School, established in September 1984, is the first founded in Greece to specifically embrace this subject area. The necessities that led to the establishment of such a School includes:

  • The fact that the growing international and domestic competition requires effective implementation of systematic ways to improve productivity.
  • The complexity of new technologies and innovations, their high cost and the impact they may have on humans and the environment, created the demand to adopt a holistic approach, ensuring an technologically, economically, socially and ecologically acceptable way on their implementation.
  • The lack in our country of engineers who, beside being able to address purely technical problems, can also handle administrative and organizational problems.

The curriculum of the School combines courses of mathematics, natural and humanities sciences, as well as, manufacturing systems, operation research, information systems, applied economics and administrative/management sciences. Through exchange programs, our students have the opportunity to take courses in Universities of other countries at the European Union.

The engineering specialty of Production Engineering and Management covers a wide range of subjects. Today, our alumni exercise their profession at every stage of production in industries, constructions, companies which provides services and government agencies as technical and management executives, entities of creative changes and consultants in the areas of technology and development. Areas of employment, among others, are:

  • Planning and Management of Systems and production facilities
  • Development and Management of information systems
  • Electromechanical studies
  • Development of e-business applications
  • Computer-aided products design and rapid development of prototyping
  • Health and Safety at work
  • Logistics and dynamic resource allocation
  • Study and Design of robotic facilities and vehicles
  • Management and scheduling projects
  • Transports Telematics
  • Organisation systems and quality assurance procedures
  • Financial management and evaluation of investment projects
  • Financial engineering and financial risk management
  • Development of decision support systems
  • Environmental impact studies
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