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Specialty: Diagnostic methods on production systems.

Brief CV: Koulouridakis Pavlos, diploma in physics, postgraduate diploma of specialization titled `Quality Control and Management of Environment’ and subject ‘Estimate of Distances Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation' and doctoral diploma subject: “Improvement of minimal detection limits of trace elements with X-Rays”. Scientific activity and inquiring experience in Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis that belong in the category of Natural Methods of elemental analysis. In my studies I used methods of fluorescence X-Ray beam with energy dispersive detectors (EDXRF) with use of radioactive sources, as well as spectroscopy γ, signal treatment, spectra completion, analysis of X-Ray beams spectrum and new recycling methods for photovoltaic panels.

Education: PhD (2008) and MSc (2005), Technical University of Crete, Greece. Diploma in physics, University of Crete, Greece (1998).

Research Interests: 3D laser scanners, X-rays fluorescence analysis, 3D modeling and printing, recycling methods for products.

Division: Production Systems.

Laboratory: Computer Aided Design Laboratory (CAD).

Teaching: CAC laboratory exercises.

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  • telephone number: +302821037256
  • fax: +302821037554
  • email: pkoulouridakis<at>
  • address: School of Production Engineering and Management, Technical University of Crete, 73100 Chania, Greece.
  • office: D4.110
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