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Excellence Award

to professor Markos Papageorgiou

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Best PhD Dissertation Award

to Mehdi Keyvan Ekbatani, a PEM doctorate

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International award

for professor Constantin Zopounidis

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TUCer Urban Concept cars

Decision Sciences laboratories

Computational Mechanics and Optimization Laboratory

Laboratory's main objective is the development and application of computational mechanics and optimization methods and software for the optimal design of materials, products and structures. Its main research is focused on nonsmooth and nonconvex problems and the development of methods and software for finite and boundary element methods, structural and multidisciplinary optimization, inverse problems and soft computing.

Decision Support Systems Laboratory

The laboratory serves educational needs and focuses its research activities on the fields of Operation Research, Combinatorial Optimization, Communication Networks, Routing and Network design, Distribution Optimization, Multi-criteria Analysis, Information Systems, Geographical Information Systems, Parallel and Distributed Algorithms, Global Optimization, Large Scale Optimization, Data Warehouses, Distributed Artificial Intelligent, Multi-Agent Systems, Heuristic and Evolutionary Algorithms, E-commerce / E-government, Tele-work and Tele-education, Web-based Applications, Supply Chain, Behavior Analysis and Consumers Satisfaction, Game Theory with Transport Applications in the Supply Chain, Non Linear Programming, Hierarchical Decisions, Open Source software.

Dynamic Systems and Simulation Laboratory

The Dynamic Systems and Simulation Laboratory (DSSL) has profound knowledge and broad experience in the theories of modeling, simulation, optimisation, automatic control, and their practical application to traffic and transportation systems, water networks, production systems, and further areas. DSSL has been involved in numerous research, development, and demonstration projects at a national, European, and international level; its highest related achievement being the ERC Advanced Investigator Grant TRAMAN21. In particular, the DSSL has gained a remarkable experience through the implementation in real conditions, the testing, and the evaluation of its several techniques and tools in various European and non-European sites. .

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