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School Organization

The School of Production Engineering and Management is organized into four divisions encompassing a number of interrelated scientific fields. The School divisions are:

  • Division of Sciences: The division’s scope lies in the scientific training of students in fundamental courses and promotes research in physical science, applied mathematics, social science, and humanities).

  • Division of Production Systems: The division of production systems focuses on analysis and optimization of production and energy systems and modern manufacturing and production technologies (flexible manufacturing systems, robotics, automatic control, computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, material handling, environmental technology, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics etc.).

  • Division of Decision Sciences: The division of decision sciences specializes in the development of operational research methodologies and techniques that directly aim on decision making, and on the design, control and optimization of production systems, telematic applications and service provision.

  • Division of Engineering Management: The division offers courses that cover a wide range of administrative systems and management operations that include, among others: management systems, marketing, ergonomics, work safety, financial management, project management, information systems, e-business, artificial intelligence, quality management, contract management, technological economics, etc.

The General Assembly receives recommendations from the following committees:

Undergraduate Studies Committee

  • M. Konsolakis, Professor (coordinator)

  • S. Papaefthimiou, Professor

  • D. Ipsakis, Assistant Professor

  • Member of the Undergraduate Students’ Committee

Alumni and Professional Rights Committee

  • E. Doitsidis, Assistant Professor

  • President of the Undergraduate Students’ Committee

Undergraduate Summer Internship

  • A. Delis, Associate Professor.

  • M. Marinaki, LTP

Public Relations Committee

  • K. Tsagarakis, Professor

  • G. Arampatzis, Associate Professor

  • S. Piperidis, LTP

  • N. Spanoudakis, LTP

ERASMUS+ Committee

  • S. Papaefthimiou, Professor

  • E. Doitsidis, Assistant Professor (deputy)

Library Committee, Campus-level)

  • T. Kontogiannis, Professor

  • E. Ioannidis, Associate Professor (deputy)

Health and Safety Committee

  • G. Arampatzis, Associate Professor.

  • N. Chairetis, STLP

  • M. Bakatsaki, LTP

  • I. Kontaxakis, STLP

  • M. Partsakoulaki, Administrative Secretary

Internal Evaluation Team (OMEA in Greek)

  • M. Doumpos, Professor (coordinator)

  • V. Kouikoglou, Professor

  • K. Tsagarakis, Professor

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