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The School comprises a single department with the same name and is administered by the Deanery and the School’s General Assembly. The latter consists of the faculty, members of the Undergraduate Students Committee, and representatives of the laboratory teaching and technical personnel. The Dean bears the administrative and financial responsibilities of the department.

  • Dean of the School of PEM: Professor Evangelos Grigoroudis
  • Vice Dean of the School of PEM: Professor Vassilios Kouikoglou
  • Members of the Deanery: Professor Constantin Zopounidis, Professor Ioannis Nikolos, Professor Michalis Doumpos, Professor Anargiros Delis, Dr. Polychronis Spanoudakis

The personnel of the School is divided into the following categories:

  1. Faculty members hold a Ph.D. degree, teach undergraduate and graduate courses and conduct research; they are appointed at the following ranks: Professor, Associate Professor, tenured and tenure-track Assistant Professors.
  2. Adjunct faculty consists of hired educators and instructors who support the undergraduate curriculum.
  3. Laboratory-Teaching Personnel (LTP) provide instruction services at the departmental laboratories.
  4. Specialized Technical Laboratory Personnel (STLP) provide technical support services.
  5. Administrative staff perform bookkeeping activities essential to the educational and research objectives of the department.

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