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Excellence Award

to professor Markos Papageorgiou

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Best PhD Dissertation Award

to Mehdi Keyvan Ekbatani, a PEM doctorate

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International award

for professor Constantin Zopounidis

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Production Systems laboratories

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Laboratory

The laboratory serves educational needs and focuses its research activities on the fields of Virtual Prototyping and Virtual manufacturing, Product and Process Design using FEM, End of Life product, Modelling, Reverse Engineering and applications in Medicine, Industrial Excellence Innovation Management and New Product Development, application in SMEs, Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling, Development of specialized design applications for electromechanical products and fashion products, Product Innovation Profiling, applications in SMEs, Product Life Cycle Management, Development of New Tools for Training.

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Laboratory

The laboratory serves educational needs and focuses its research activities on the fields of Analysis, Simulation, and Optimization of Production Networks, Control of Queuing Networks, Manufacturing Flexibility, Control of Stochastic Systems, Environmental Systems (sustainability, recycling, and sustainable development).

Industrial, Energy and Environmental Systems Laboratory

The Industrial, Energy and Environmental Systems Laboratory is built around a team of experts and specializes, amongst others, in the areas of: Fault Diagnosis in Industrial Systems, Systems for Energy Saving in Buildings (BEMS), Sustainable Water Networks, Environmental Systems Analysis, Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Consequences and Energy Management in the Shipping Sector, Green Ports, Emissions Trading Policies, Technology of Materials for Energy Saving Applications, Smart Materials, Study of Advanced Solar Collectors and Photovoltaics, air pollution control, development of structured catalysts (monolithic type) for environmental applications, Carbon to electricity in DCFCs, H2 production by steam reforming of hydrocarbons, CO2 and H2O toward methanol synthesis at atmospheric pressure.

Intelligent Systems and Robotics Laboratory

The main objective of the laboratory is the participation in the design of future intelligent systems, with emphasis in systems, which are capable of operating in particularly hostile and unstable environments, without human guidance and interaction.

Micromachining and Manufacturing Modeling (m3) Laboratory

The laboratory supports the educational needs and research activities of advanced Production Technologies, particularly issues of Micromachining Technologies, Microtechnology, CAD / CAM / CAE, Dimensional Modeling and Finite Elements in Production technology, Reverse Engineering, Bioengineering and Nanotechnology.

Turbomachinery and Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

The laboratory meets the training and research needs in the field of turbomachinery and fluid mechanics, focusing further on Computational Fluid Dynamics, Optimal Turbine Components Design, as well as, on the optimal design of systems, processes and systems related to turbines.

  • head: Professor Ioannis Nikolos
  • staff:
  • email: inikolos<at>
  • telephone number: +302821037300
  • web page:
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