Welcome to the School of Production Engineering and Management

35 years of service in education and scientific research completed by the School of Production Engineering and Management, which welcomed its first students in 1984 and the first graduate students in 1986. Since that time, we continue to be extremely proud of our graduates who, within often challenging circumstances, have been able to professionally implement the multidisciplinary facets of education that our School has provided. Our graduates are employed and excel in both the private and public sector in the fields of construction, industry, services, education, and as self-employed engineers. Our faculty, distinguished in both teaching and research, is recognized worldwide. In conjunction with highly qualified and skilled laboratory personnel, we educate our engineering students by emphasizing modern technologies, production systems, management and decision making, finance, operational research as well as ergonomic design, control systems, materials, mechatronics and robotics. The foundation of our curriculum is based on mathematics, physics, mechanics and informatics. Our curriculum provides both a comprehensive engineering education but also allows a focus on specific areas in Production Engineering and Management.
We value and pursue ongoing development. In a constantly changing and rapidly advancing world, the search for knowledge and education has become imperative. We are bound to strive for excellence in response to our duty towards our students now and in the future.

Professor Nikos C. Tsourveloudis

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